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Uncle Sam Wants YOU!…and your Google search history too! ps. Bush Googles the World!

January 31, 2006

I was a bit shocked today when I read about the U.S. Government basically demanding that top Internet Search Engine, “Google,” give up all of their information on every individual along with their Google searches’ history. Big Brother is at it again! Google is sueing, of course. So, our privacies are more at risk of being not so private again, as if the government needed to take away any more privacy than it already has.
Although we have the Freedom of Speech here in America, our government still regulates certain groups of websites, stating that it is for “National Security” and the such. It is always about “our security” and for “our protection” that makes it ok for Big Brother to have more control, if you will, over this country. I suppose, though, that keeping track of people who order or download or view sites with things like “The Anarchist’s Cookbook” (a book that can show step by step how to create a bomb from household items, for example) may not totally be a bad thing. Keeping track of this country’s Google searches, though, is something our government should not be allowed to do.
Privacy is a big part of our Freedom of Speech. Whether I am Googling for a site on pornography or calligraphy, it doesn’t make it ok for our government to know. Who knows, down the road, this information may be used against us, perhaps when applying for any government job (Postal Service, Police Officer, Teacher, etc.). Now I’m all for having knowledge that somebody in a responsible position, as a kindergarten school teacher, has had a history of searching Google for children pornography. But, the majority of us may just have fascinations and desires that in no way harm or disrupt our everyday lives (on both personal and professional levels), like viewing pornography, for example. Could my searching for, say, bondage porn make problems for my future goals if I plan on running for office? Should this be able to dictate what I do with my life?


hardCore or hardGore?!

January 31, 2006

As discussed in the first lectures, there are varying degrees of pornographic material that we can view via the internet. The most “intense” porn is generally referred to as “hardcore” porn. A lot of mainstream porn sites are labeled hardcore nowadays, although they don’t necessarily fall under this category by today’s standards. “Rape” porn would most definitely be categorized under today’s “hardcore” definition, in my opinion.

   Porn has definitely escalated in intensity over the past few years. Perhaps the reason for this is the fact that we have been so over-exposed to all types of sex and the such on television and other places in the media that we, as a society, have sort of become numb to. Anything less than an X-rated scene/movie has become an accepted part of our society today. In the porn world, the same theory seems to apply, though, in this case, extremely “hardcore” or “hardGore,” as I like to refer to it, is acceptable. Stereotypical man-lets-woman-housekeeper-into-hotel-room-sex-scene porno movies are no longer enough nowadays for some people. Although there are a lot of off-the-wall porn subcultures out there, There appear to be more and more “hardGore” sites out there, some legal and some illegal.

   “Rape” porn is questionable in legality because it cannot be determined it if is really a rape or just a staged one, although either way it shows rape! But whether or not it’s legal does not seem to stop individuals from finding and downloading from these sites. The subculture that indulges in this type of “hardGore” porn seems to be on the rise as of lately and they seem to have an insatiable hunger for this illicit material. I believe “Rape” porn is both atrocious and dangerous: Atrocious due to the fact that 99.9% of the time it involves brutality and violence towards women. This is dangerous because the more “desensitized” one becomes towards violent, sexual acts of this kind, the more likely they may find it acceptable to indulge in the same kind of behavior themselves.

   Although it is hard to regulate, there should be more awareness, at least, of the fact that this type of “hardGore” porn is out there. It may be necessary, perhaps, to visit one of these extreme sites, no matter how disturbing, to better understand that these subcultures do exist and that this is a real problem our society is faced with.

Hello world!

January 24, 2006

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