Response to Ang’s Blog

nickpanic Says:
January 31st, 2006 at 4:58 am


In response to Ang’s Blog entry, I think a lot of people, more than we probably think, feel uncomfortable with any kind of nudity. I took a drawing class my Freshman year here at UB and, to my dismay, involved sketching actual nude models in class on a regular basis. Now the fact that the model was about 75 years young was not what made me uncomfortable, but the fact that he was 75 and able to hold a pose for like 2 hours!! I’m still a little scarred from that class, I think. Anyways, my point (I do have one) is that almost all 28 people in that class seemed to be extremely uncomfortable having to sketch this old man naked. All of the girls were blushing and giggling the whole time, while the guys seemed to just look somewhat disgusted the whole time. I, on the other hand, just did the opposite of what my ECC public speaking professor told me: I pictured the old man with his clothes ON! Sorry, kind of a silly story but hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
As far as pornography goes, I was kind of raised to believe that any kind ‘nudity’ is considered pornography, having had somewhat of a strict Catholic upbringing. I think nudity is a beautiful thing, though, when used in good taste. As far as children nudity goes, I am not so sure it should be acceptable, even if it may be considered good taste, as in the Calvin Klein underware ads, as discussed in ANG’s BLOG. A lot of people may take offense to that. Besides, if children in their underware becomes acceptable in advertising, then what next? May not be good for Calvin Klein’s reputation, but then again, that company is known for pushing the boundaries.
In Europe, as well as much as the rest of the world, though, nudity in advertising is an everyday thing. I don’t mean people in their underware, I mean people completely naked in commercials! We are really the only country that has strict regulations (FCC and the such) so even pushing the boudaries does not compare to the rest of the world. But, ultimately, it all comes down to the individual, since everyone has different views and beliefs on what is acceptable or not.



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