Response to comment I received

Responses to “Uncle Sam Wants YOU!…and your Google search history too! ps. Bush Googles the World!”

  1. Soon2BMrsA’s Blog – Response to: Bush Googles the World… Says:
    February 6th, 2006 at 7:30 am e[…] Lately, it seems that everyone is talking about The Bush Administration’s plans to obtain information from Google as well as other search engines, for the purpose of national security and cracking down on child pornography. On this blog entry, nickpanic believes that the government is overstepping its boundaries, and has no right to obtain this type of information. While I can understand his concerns, I must disagree with part of his opinion. Please, don’t get me wrong… I am not a fan of Big Brother, and I believe that government should remain as small as possible. My personal feeling is that I want as little government intrusion in my life as humanly possible. With that being said, I have no problem with this particular program, if it is used to protect this country or if it is being used to stop people who search for Kiddie Porn. I approach this issue by ultimately trying to look at the bigger picture. If I become a victim of another terrorist attack, one that could have been prevented, had the government had the authority to obtain information from Google, Yahoo, etc.. well then, the fact that my first amendment rights have not been violated really doesn’t matter much anymore… But, as I mentioned before, I can completely understand nickpanic’s concern. The fact that the government can obtain these records and they have the possibility of falling into the wrong hands definitely is a scary thought. However, the thought of child molesters obtaining kiddie porn on the internet is equally scary to me. The thought of Terrorists using Google to plan another attack is absolutely frightening to me.  And at this point in time, I am willing to give up a few rights, for the sake of national security…     […]
  2. nickpanic Says:
    February 8th, 2006 at 9:29 pm eBenjamin Franklin once said “Any person who is willing to give up freedom for security deserves neither”

3 Responses to “Response to comment I received”

  1. soon2bmrsa Says:

    Benjamin Franklin did not live in a time where he had worry about his children being abducted by sexual predators, nor did he have to worry about Terrorists flying planes into buildings. Furthemore, it seems like the same people who feel violated and feel that the federal government is infringing on their rights are the same people who will complain that government did not do enough to stop terrorism the next time something happens, or who will blame the government when their child is abducted by their neighbor who gets off watching kiddie porn.

  2. Alex Halavais Says:

    Are you honestly suggesting that today’s world is more dangerous than Franklin’s. That’s just silly.

  3. chissupvoxisee Says:

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