It’s not yours, it’s mine!

   Recently I read that the domain name was officially up-for-grabs and sold for over $14 million! Apparently there was so much drama in the process, which happened around the turn of the century. A man named Gary Kremen, owner of Grant Media, had purchased the domain back in the mid-90s as a joke, not completely realizing the capabilities the site offered. The site was then apparently stolen by a man named Stephen M. Cohen, who secretly gained control by forging documents and the such. Cohen, behind the back and without the consent of Kremen, made upwards of half a million dollars per year illegally on the site. Kremen did get his sweet revenge, though, being awarded the domain name and $65,000 and, on top of that, he also sued for $20 million and got it! Cohen was arrested in Tijuana where he was later given up to U.S. authorities. Oh sweet revenge! So Kremen seemed to have made out well for himself in the end after all.

   How amazing would it be to go back in time, knowing that domain names would be so desirable that companies would pay millions of dollars to own them. Kind of like the gold rush of the mid-90s you could say. I mean is like the ultimate site in a world obsessed with porn and sex! I don’t blame Stephen M. Cohen for accessing the site and making a killing on it, though it wasn’t the most honorable thing to do. If he would’ve covered up his tracks a bit more, though, and wasn’t so “greedy” (or so he seemed), then he might have gotten away with it. Not to mention the fact that Cohen was also busted for not paying income tax for over 20 years. That doesn’t exactly add a gold star to his already shitty track record now does it. Oh well, sucks to be him I guess! Maybe they will give him the Martha Stewart treatment and just put him on house arrest or something like that.



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