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Are You Talkin’ to Me?

March 28, 2006

I am never amazed with what I find out when I start surfing the web. Most of my surfing online involves Google searching for my Cyberporn and Society class, checking on my Myspace account, and watching items on ebay. Ebay is a good place to start.

When I was messing around on ebay a few days ago I happen to find pictures of people for sale, semi-nude pictures for that. One I particularly remember was a young girl sitting on a toilet. The title of this picture for auction was something along the lines of "Me going Wee-Wee" and it had like twenty bids on it. I have even seen a lot more auctioning of "used" panties and bras that also seem to sell quite well. Sounds like a pretty lucrative business if you ask me. Maybe I will find a picture of an attractive girl and then just buy cheap new bras or used bras (from a Thrift store maybe) and say they were worn by her. Think about it, you could make a killing! I might just try it out. Who knows, maybe half of the time the "worn" panties/bras are being auctioned by a guy with the same idea as me! Either way, though, at least you are still getting a woman’s bra/panties, whether they were worn or not. At least you didn’t spend $12,000 on a grilled cheese sandwich that supposedly had the face of the Virgin Mary on it!

As far as my Myspace account is concerned, I am always getting some weird invitations from too-good-to-be-true people asking to be my "friend" in the Myspace world. I mean come on, every person who does this is a beautiful 5'6, blonde-haired, blue-eyed supermodel just trying to find a nice guy…on Myspace. Sorry, not in this world. Not saying that I am no catch or that my profile is lacking in excitement, but what are the odds of all of these supermodel-like-women finding me, then writing me a three-paragraph message, and then telling me to email back to start a relationship?! I even get some supposed women propositioning me and asking to meet outside in the "real world." Now maybe some of these are true (there are a lot of freaks and nymphos out there on the web), but most of the time I kind of chuckle and just wonder how many people take them up on their offers. I feel sorry for the naive general public. Oh well, they will all learn sooner or later.


March 28, 2006

Can I Watch My Porn Lectures Here?!

March 28, 2006

I have read several posts about students taking this distance class trying to explain this course to others. I must admit that it really didn’t occur to me how strange this course must sound to other people. Most of my friends were telling me it was so awesome that I get to look at porn all the time and get graded for it. My family thought it was a bit odd at first but, if the University of Buffalo says it’s acceptable, then it must be, right?

At the beginning of this semester I ran into a bit of trouble trying to find a good spot to watch this course’s lectures where I could have a bit of privacy. I mean privacy from what I was going to view in the lectures, not the other thing you were thinking of. Since I don’t have a good, solid wireless connection at my apartment in Buffalo, I thought maybe I would go elsewhere to get online. First, I started going to a local coffee shop that offers free wireless to customers. After a few lectures, though, I decided the coffee shop was a bit too public for this type of thing. Even though I was very cautious about who could see my computer (I sat at a table in the back), I still would have my hand on the mouse, which was ready to minimize the lecture slides when porn was shown on the screen. People were constantly walking by my computer the whole time and I didn’t want to get kicked out or offend anyone, so I decided to try another venue: the Eastern Hills Mall food court!

Free wireless was all I needed to hear and I was there, at the food court of the Eastern Hills Mall. Once again, though, there wasn’t a private place anywhere, not to mention that the wireless there had such a small bandwidth that I had the slowest connection speed possible I think. So, I finally gave in, got my UB parking permit/pass and started going to school to watch the lectures and post on my blog (I didn’t need parking permit prior because I only take night classes). Now I just find a quiet spot at school and get my work done there.

Getting back onto the original topic, it is funny trying to explain this class to other people. People who don’t know me so well think I’m making the whole thing up and if I’m not then they want to sign up for the class. I really do like this class, both for the material we are covering (and uncovering haha!) as well as the fact that it’s a distance class. Trying not to offend other people and attempting not to look like a total pervert in public has also been quite a charade as I stated earlier. I am kind of sick of explaining this class to people because they just are so excited thinking that I get to watch porn all of the time. So, from now on, when someone asks me what a class on pornography teaches, I simply say to them "everything you ever wanted to know about the subject."

Sex Does Sell!

March 23, 2006

   In response to “Deanna’s” blog, I totally agree that sex is everywhere these days. I get pop-ups and especially emails on a daily basis asking me if I want to buy the latest Viagra knock-off or if I would like to “enhance” myself. Those are the two I get most of the time on top of all the invites to porn sites I receive.

   I have never seen the “naked news”(besides in the lecture) but, I have heard about it in other countries. Actually, I was an exchange student in Spain my first year of college during which time I stayed with the aunt and cousins of Daisy Fuentes. Yes, I am talking about the MTV VJ from the 90s, but that is beside the point. During my month stay there I found some interesting things out about how Spain and, a lot of the rest of the world, views sex. Sex was everywhere! They even showed pornographic movies on regular television, at any time during the day! There is very little regulating going on to what is being shown on television there. When I asked the reason why it was accepted to show all of this on television I was told “Europeans are more comfortable with sex and that sex isn’t something that should necessarily be thought of as taboo.”

   “Deanna” said that she thinks we are all becoming more comfortable with sex and thus making it ok to take it further and further I agree that we are, as a country, much more accepting of sex today, but the media is really just making us that way. The majority of things we see on television (commercials, movies, sitcoms, etc.) involve the topic of sex, both in words and actions, much of the time. Maybe the media keep “kicking it up a notch” because they want to push the boundaries and make a commercial that really shocks us or a movie that is so appalling that it is actually good. Maybe the fact that we are becoming more and more desensitized has influenced the media to either: a. make media more sexual in order to keep up with an ever-changing, more sexual audience, or b. make media more sexual because it is a basic human desire that can help influence the decisions we make as consumers in what we do with our time and money. Whether we like it or not, sex is going to continue to be a big part of the media and our lives because it’s like they always say: sex does sell.

Making or Breaking the Habit: Porn Addictions

March 19, 2006

It seems that everybody has their vices nowadays. Sometimes these “vices” get in the way of normal everyday life, and they are then generally referred to as “addictions.” We always hear about people being addicted to things like alcohol and drugs, but people can get addicted to just about anything, like pornography, for instance. Pornography can be just as addicting or more addicting than that of alcohol or other substances.

People becoming addicted to pornography seems to be on the rise within the last decade, maybe due to the increased accessibility to pornography via the internet. You can see just about anything you can possibly think of from the comfort of your own home. Pornography can become such a strong addiction probably because it makes people feel good and gives them comfort, as alcohol and drugs do. It is also in our nature to be drawn towards sexual behavior generally anyways, it’s just stronger with others sometimes. Like a drug, being without or being denied pornography can cause discomfort and “pain” for these persons with the addiction and they may experience withdrawal symptoms. Both personal and social relationships can be hurt by this addiction as well.

Why do people get addicted to begin with? Addictions may be genetic or they may be learned, or a little bit of both, nobody is really sure. But one thing for sure, if a person is addicted to one thing or has had a history of addictions, then becoming addicted to one thing (porn or alcohol, for example) may be just as easy as becoming addicted to another. Some people just have an addictive personality, or so to speak. Mental addictions can be just as strong or stronger than physical addictions. Pornography is a little bit of both in that it is physically and mentally gratifying.

Trying to overcome any addiction takes the support of others and the willingness to admit that one has an addiction. There are a variety of websites and books out there that can lead addicts in the right direction. I quit smoking this past February so I know first hand how difficult it to break a habit. At first it may seem impossible and, a bit painful, but if you just stick it out it will be worth it, in my opinion. I refer to the drug/addiction relationship like so: drug(pornography) = romance; addiction = relationship; The only real way to end a romance one has started is to really want the relationship to end.