Sex Does Sell!

   In response to “Deanna’s” blog, I totally agree that sex is everywhere these days. I get pop-ups and especially emails on a daily basis asking me if I want to buy the latest Viagra knock-off or if I would like to “enhance” myself. Those are the two I get most of the time on top of all the invites to porn sites I receive.

   I have never seen the “naked news”(besides in the lecture) but, I have heard about it in other countries. Actually, I was an exchange student in Spain my first year of college during which time I stayed with the aunt and cousins of Daisy Fuentes. Yes, I am talking about the MTV VJ from the 90s, but that is beside the point. During my month stay there I found some interesting things out about how Spain and, a lot of the rest of the world, views sex. Sex was everywhere! They even showed pornographic movies on regular television, at any time during the day! There is very little regulating going on to what is being shown on television there. When I asked the reason why it was accepted to show all of this on television I was told “Europeans are more comfortable with sex and that sex isn’t something that should necessarily be thought of as taboo.”

   “Deanna” said that she thinks we are all becoming more comfortable with sex and thus making it ok to take it further and further I agree that we are, as a country, much more accepting of sex today, but the media is really just making us that way. The majority of things we see on television (commercials, movies, sitcoms, etc.) involve the topic of sex, both in words and actions, much of the time. Maybe the media keep “kicking it up a notch” because they want to push the boundaries and make a commercial that really shocks us or a movie that is so appalling that it is actually good. Maybe the fact that we are becoming more and more desensitized has influenced the media to either: a. make media more sexual in order to keep up with an ever-changing, more sexual audience, or b. make media more sexual because it is a basic human desire that can help influence the decisions we make as consumers in what we do with our time and money. Whether we like it or not, sex is going to continue to be a big part of the media and our lives because it’s like they always say: sex does sell.


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