Are You Talkin’ to Me?

I am never amazed with what I find out when I start surfing the web. Most of my surfing online involves Google searching for my Cyberporn and Society class, checking on my Myspace account, and watching items on ebay. Ebay is a good place to start.

When I was messing around on ebay a few days ago I happen to find pictures of people for sale, semi-nude pictures for that. One I particularly remember was a young girl sitting on a toilet. The title of this picture for auction was something along the lines of "Me going Wee-Wee" and it had like twenty bids on it. I have even seen a lot more auctioning of "used" panties and bras that also seem to sell quite well. Sounds like a pretty lucrative business if you ask me. Maybe I will find a picture of an attractive girl and then just buy cheap new bras or used bras (from a Thrift store maybe) and say they were worn by her. Think about it, you could make a killing! I might just try it out. Who knows, maybe half of the time the "worn" panties/bras are being auctioned by a guy with the same idea as me! Either way, though, at least you are still getting a woman’s bra/panties, whether they were worn or not. At least you didn’t spend $12,000 on a grilled cheese sandwich that supposedly had the face of the Virgin Mary on it!

As far as my Myspace account is concerned, I am always getting some weird invitations from too-good-to-be-true people asking to be my "friend" in the Myspace world. I mean come on, every person who does this is a beautiful 5'6, blonde-haired, blue-eyed supermodel just trying to find a nice guy…on Myspace. Sorry, not in this world. Not saying that I am no catch or that my profile is lacking in excitement, but what are the odds of all of these supermodel-like-women finding me, then writing me a three-paragraph message, and then telling me to email back to start a relationship?! I even get some supposed women propositioning me and asking to meet outside in the "real world." Now maybe some of these are true (there are a lot of freaks and nymphos out there on the web), but most of the time I kind of chuckle and just wonder how many people take them up on their offers. I feel sorry for the naive general public. Oh well, they will all learn sooner or later.


One Response to “Are You Talkin’ to Me?”

  1. stjarna67 Says:

    I get those come-ons all the time. My ad has such little info about me, it makes no sense for someone like them to read it can call me a cutie. One woman actually tried to sound local, like she had just moved here.

    A WHOIS internet search for her sight and finding her e-mail address, it seems the woman lives in IOWA or something like that. She couldn’t tell me up front that she has a webcam and wants me to pay her money to show me stuff?

    The scary thing is that she must be getting enough guys to do it if she’s still in business.

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