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Just Naked People Doing Naked People Things

April 30, 2006

I recently visited a few web sites that spoke of the deterioration of the family structure and the rise of the porn industry. According to the Family Safe Media site, the porn industry makes over $57 billion a year, worldwide, and $12 billion in the United States. It also said that porn revenue is larger than all combined revenues of all professional football, baseball, and basketball franchises. US porn earnings even far outweigh that of ABC, CBS, and NBC combined! And to top it all off, child pornography generates $3 billion annually. The billions of dollars didn’t surprise me, although that is quite a large sum of money if you ask me. What did surprise me, even though some of it was discussed in lecture, was the statistics having to do with children/teenagers and women and internet pornography.

Children in the 12-17 age group are the largest consumers of internet pornography. And all this time I thought it was dirty old men and horny college students who filled this group. Also, 80% of 15-17 year olds have had multiple hard-core exposures, most of the time while doing homework on the computer. Well, I guess I can understand when the temptation is there and you have a headache from doing so much homework, why not just tap into some free internet porn. I have the best of both worlds: My homework is the porn, so I guess it’s more like killing two birds with one stone, actually.

When it comes to women, 13% admit to accessing pornography at work. Most women keep their cyber activities a secret and 17% of women even struggle with pornography addiction. Wow, porn addiction. I guess it could be worse, though, like being addicted to crack, or smack, or even the reefer (I prefer ‘the marijuana’ personally, and by this I mean I prefer to call it ‘the marijuana.’ I was not suggesting that I partake in the smoking of or ingesting of ‘the marijuana,’ except of course for medicinal purposes…I got the glaucoma.). Wow, I really get overwhelmed by my A.D.D. sometimes.

In summation: I am not too shocked about the billions of dollars in revenue that the porn industry makes each year; I am quite shocked by the amount of young kids are getting into porn, harcore I might add (I checked out porn when I was their age too, though); I am pretty shocked by women and their high %’s with porn (although, men are still much worse); and I definitely get sidetracked very easily, especially when it involves naked people doing naked people things together (shhhhhh…like having sex) Ok my blogging is done, for now.


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Seeing is Believing

April 27, 2006

I read a few blogs that asked the question of whether or not porn, showing fake (edited afterwards) scenes of child pornography or snuff should be treated the same as actual films of this nature. I would have to say, yes, they should be treated the same. If it looks real then it may seems to many people to be real. This would be the same thing as making the real thing, except for the fact that a child or individual was not really used or harmed in the making. In these films, it may really be a young person with a body of a child added in post production via computer technology. And as for a snuff film, it is as easy to fake and act out a murder just like in any other movie.

I am sure there are laws against this "fake" illegal porn, but I am sure it still goes on. Maybe the creators of these movies are trying to appeal to the sick minds of the many people out there who are willing to pay money movies involving children. Maybe they are trying to make a joke. Either way, it is in poor taste and these violators should be punished to the full extent of the law.

My feelings…in a nutshell.

April 22, 2006

Just recently I finished a research paper on the Media Equation theory, which basically states that Media = Real Life. This means that people treat media devices, like television sets, pictures, and computers, as if they were "real" and thus form a sort of bond, much like that between 2 people. I know that my computer is just a bunch of wires and circuits and plastics and stuff, but I get so frustrated with it on a daily basis that I actually find myself yelling at it and threatening to strangle it when it doesn’t work properly. It seems that every time I need my computer to work, especially for something important, it fails to do so. Like today, I have spent the last 45 minutes trying to fix a blog I previously posted because the font got all crazy for some reason. Of course, no matter what I do, even after I fix it, the mistakes just seems to stay half corrected, and thus driving me insane.

As you all know, I use WordPress for my blogging. I have never blogged before or had the desire to blog ever, but my online/distance class requires it for participation. Blogging sounds like a fine idea, but there is always an issue each and every time I have to blog. I don’t look forward to blogging, either. I try so hard to get online as much as I can, but my lack of transportation and online access (my own fault and problem I know) kind of throws a monkey wrench in my plans to be a good blogging student this semester. This is my second time taking Cyberporn and Society, since I just stopped going to school last spring semester and, thus, received a grade of an "F." So, my plan was to change the "F" to something else, obviously. Even though I don’t blog as much as the rest you (my classmates), I try to make each and every blog worthwhile and I spend a lot of time doing so. When I get something done, I like to do it right and not half-ass. And yes, I do procrastinate, as do most of us I’m sure (or maybe I’m alone here).

Ok, so the point of this blog is not to rant about an issue dealing with sex or pornography, but rather to convey my feelings on blogging, this class, and the day I am having (though I will probably rant a little bit). What’s wrong with that? Most blogs I have read this semester have just been people ranting and raving anyways, poorly, I might add (I am referring to blogs in general, not just in my class). But I guess that is what blogs are for. A lot of people don’t even really put effort into what they are writing either it seems,. And if I have offended anyone (classmates or Professor Halavais) just know that it is not my intention to do so.

I really do like the lectures, though, and I think that Professor Halavais is the most down to earth professor I have ever had. He even stuck up for me when a student in my class kept commenting on my blog and emailing me that I had a lot of nerve to say that it’s NOT ok for Big Brother (a.k.a. the Federal Government) to monitor ALL and any of our Google searches and online travels. I just let the comment go at first, but the student, and I won’t mention her blog name, wrote me a comment that basically said that she was willing to give up ANY and ALL freedoms (as stated in the Constitution that was written by the forefathers of this country) to make our country a safer place. She also told me that "I" was the fool and that the security of our homeland was of utmost importance (even more important than our personal freedom). I simply responded to her attacks with a quote from Benjamin Franklin (one of our founding forefathers): "Any person who is willing to give up freedom for security deserves neither". Her response: more attacks, via email this time. She told me that the world of today is nothing like the world Benjamin Franklin lived in, and that the world of today is much more dangerous than it ever has been. Then, she basically told me I was a liberal scumbag and that I should "open up my eyes." Sort of ironic, don’t you think, that she is the one telling me to open my eyes.

On a lighter note, the blogs I have written this semester have really made me think about the topics and controversies discussed in the lectures. Actually, I feel as though I have become a better writer lately, and I owe a lot of that to my blogging. Never before have I been able to properly express myself through writing. Something just kind of clicked this semester. Maybe some of it has to do with the fact that I am now 26 years old and that I have been an avid writer (song writer with lyrics and poetry) since highschool. Whatever it is, I think I owe some of my development (perhaps my turning point) to my Cyberporn and Society class. So, do I think I will get an "A" in this class? No, probably not, and that’s ok. Will I have learned something here to carry with me the rest of my life? Definitely. Nickpanic out.

Straight, Gay, Bi, ….We’re All the Same, Right?!

April 19, 2006
Michael Lucas has quite an interesting blog.  His stance on gay pornography is not at all surprising to me either.  Mr. Lucas believes that gay pornography is important for the gay community, even though it is frowned upon by the mainstream.  I assume this is for the same reason that straight/heterosexual pornography is important for the heterosexual community.  Gay porn to gay/lesbian individuals is just the same as straight porn to heterosexual individuals.  Therefore, it makes sense that porn be just as important to gay people as it is for straight people. 
I read a few blogs from students in my class and they seemed to consider gay pornography as something not accepted by mainstream society.  But, heterosexual pornography is not really accepted by the mainstream either.  Pornography, in general, is still sort of (and probably will always be) taboo to an extent.  In the world of pornography, all types of porn, whether it be straight, gay, bi, fetish, hardcore, softcore, or whatever are all kind of put into the same category as being porn, just different levels you could say. 
On one blog from my class, a student asked the question to Mr. Lucas if he believes there are any negative aspects of gay porn?  I will answer for Mr. Lucas.  Of course there are negative aspects with gay porn, just like there are with straight porn!  When discussing a topic as controversial as pornography, there are always positives and negatives.  There are, I’m sure, just as many bad things going on in the gay porn industry as there are in the rest of the porn industry.  There is probably gay kiddie porn, gay hardcore (as I like to say hardGore), and most definitely gay sex scenes made against people’s will (rape, abuse, etc.). 
Perhaps gay porn could also give people (both heterosexual and homosexual) the wrong idea about the intimacy between gay couples.  Then again, heterosexual porn does basically the same thing, so it really is a toss up.  If I could ask Mr. Lucas a question I guess it would be: “Do you think this country is more accepting of gay and lesbian relationships today, or do you see continued prejudice against a person’s choice to take part in a gay/lesbian lifestyle?”  Sort of a long-winded question, but I guess I am looking more for of a response based on personal experience and not on what we all see and hear about in the media.  I am a 26-year-old heterosexual male, without judgment or prejudice on anyone, but even though the media makes homosexuality out to more widely accepted, I know that not to be true.  It is kind of ironic that our country, the United States of America, the most diversified country in the world, seems to one of the most prejudice ones as well.  Will we ever learn.

And Now…the Truth

April 17, 2006

   I happened to read an article the other day on a study about sex, adolescents, and the media and it made me sort of laugh to myself. An individual wrote a comment about the article which sort of made me realize again how ridiculous the mass media is today. The Media has so much power and we are all ok with that. Actually, more power than the President some would say. The main purpose of my blog, though, is to state the fact that the Media has the power to influence everything we do and believe, but we also have the power to think for ourselves.

   The main premise of the article I read was about a study conducted on 12 – 14 year-old adolescents over a few years. The study, after keeping close watch over what these adolescents did (what they watched, music they listened to, activities they did, etc.) during the next 2 years, came to the conclusion that media affects the desire for intercourse and pre-mature sexual development in adolescents (Conlon, 2006). So, apparently the media is responsible for the development of the natural, sexual drive in adolescents. I think not. It seems quite impossible to conduct a study of this sort, being a bit of a researcher myself (acquiring degrees in both psychology and communication), since it involves such a broad, controversial issue (sex in the media) as well as a pool of subjects (early adolescents) that naturally tend to approach the conclusion anyways. Adolescents have always, since the dawn of time, become sexually involved in one way or another during their early adolescent years. The only difference is that sex has many more channels and ways to get to children at an earlier age via technological advances within the last hundred years or so. Children and adolescents, though, whether they are exposed to sex or not, still follow their natural urges. For example, if an 8-year-old sees a sexual scene on television (kissing or heavy petting), they might question it, but I don’t think it makes sense to conclude that they will want to necessarily change their natural behavior and want to become sexually active before their body is ready for it. Adolescents are ready for sex! It’s all part of their development into adult human beings. They don’t need the Media to tell them they’re ready, and for the rest of us…we don’t need the Media to tell us who we are and how we should act. 100 Years of technology and sex in the Mass Media cannot change what millions of years of evolution has programmed us to do.


Sexy Media a Siren Call to Promiscuity

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