And Now…the Truth

   I happened to read an article the other day on a study about sex, adolescents, and the media and it made me sort of laugh to myself. An individual wrote a comment about the article which sort of made me realize again how ridiculous the mass media is today. The Media has so much power and we are all ok with that. Actually, more power than the President some would say. The main purpose of my blog, though, is to state the fact that the Media has the power to influence everything we do and believe, but we also have the power to think for ourselves.

   The main premise of the article I read was about a study conducted on 12 – 14 year-old adolescents over a few years. The study, after keeping close watch over what these adolescents did (what they watched, music they listened to, activities they did, etc.) during the next 2 years, came to the conclusion that media affects the desire for intercourse and pre-mature sexual development in adolescents (Conlon, 2006). So, apparently the media is responsible for the development of the natural, sexual drive in adolescents. I think not. It seems quite impossible to conduct a study of this sort, being a bit of a researcher myself (acquiring degrees in both psychology and communication), since it involves such a broad, controversial issue (sex in the media) as well as a pool of subjects (early adolescents) that naturally tend to approach the conclusion anyways. Adolescents have always, since the dawn of time, become sexually involved in one way or another during their early adolescent years. The only difference is that sex has many more channels and ways to get to children at an earlier age via technological advances within the last hundred years or so. Children and adolescents, though, whether they are exposed to sex or not, still follow their natural urges. For example, if an 8-year-old sees a sexual scene on television (kissing or heavy petting), they might question it, but I don’t think it makes sense to conclude that they will want to necessarily change their natural behavior and want to become sexually active before their body is ready for it. Adolescents are ready for sex! It’s all part of their development into adult human beings. They don’t need the Media to tell them they’re ready, and for the rest of us…we don’t need the Media to tell us who we are and how we should act. 100 Years of technology and sex in the Mass Media cannot change what millions of years of evolution has programmed us to do.


Sexy Media a Siren Call to Promiscuity

Article By Michael Conlon

CHICAGO (Reuters)

© Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved.


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