Straight, Gay, Bi, ….We’re All the Same, Right?!

Michael Lucas has quite an interesting blog.  His stance on gay pornography is not at all surprising to me either.  Mr. Lucas believes that gay pornography is important for the gay community, even though it is frowned upon by the mainstream.  I assume this is for the same reason that straight/heterosexual pornography is important for the heterosexual community.  Gay porn to gay/lesbian individuals is just the same as straight porn to heterosexual individuals.  Therefore, it makes sense that porn be just as important to gay people as it is for straight people. 
I read a few blogs from students in my class and they seemed to consider gay pornography as something not accepted by mainstream society.  But, heterosexual pornography is not really accepted by the mainstream either.  Pornography, in general, is still sort of (and probably will always be) taboo to an extent.  In the world of pornography, all types of porn, whether it be straight, gay, bi, fetish, hardcore, softcore, or whatever are all kind of put into the same category as being porn, just different levels you could say. 
On one blog from my class, a student asked the question to Mr. Lucas if he believes there are any negative aspects of gay porn?  I will answer for Mr. Lucas.  Of course there are negative aspects with gay porn, just like there are with straight porn!  When discussing a topic as controversial as pornography, there are always positives and negatives.  There are, I’m sure, just as many bad things going on in the gay porn industry as there are in the rest of the porn industry.  There is probably gay kiddie porn, gay hardcore (as I like to say hardGore), and most definitely gay sex scenes made against people’s will (rape, abuse, etc.). 
Perhaps gay porn could also give people (both heterosexual and homosexual) the wrong idea about the intimacy between gay couples.  Then again, heterosexual porn does basically the same thing, so it really is a toss up.  If I could ask Mr. Lucas a question I guess it would be: “Do you think this country is more accepting of gay and lesbian relationships today, or do you see continued prejudice against a person’s choice to take part in a gay/lesbian lifestyle?”  Sort of a long-winded question, but I guess I am looking more for of a response based on personal experience and not on what we all see and hear about in the media.  I am a 26-year-old heterosexual male, without judgment or prejudice on anyone, but even though the media makes homosexuality out to more widely accepted, I know that not to be true.  It is kind of ironic that our country, the United States of America, the most diversified country in the world, seems to one of the most prejudice ones as well.  Will we ever learn.

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