My feelings…in a nutshell.

Just recently I finished a research paper on the Media Equation theory, which basically states that Media = Real Life. This means that people treat media devices, like television sets, pictures, and computers, as if they were "real" and thus form a sort of bond, much like that between 2 people. I know that my computer is just a bunch of wires and circuits and plastics and stuff, but I get so frustrated with it on a daily basis that I actually find myself yelling at it and threatening to strangle it when it doesn’t work properly. It seems that every time I need my computer to work, especially for something important, it fails to do so. Like today, I have spent the last 45 minutes trying to fix a blog I previously posted because the font got all crazy for some reason. Of course, no matter what I do, even after I fix it, the mistakes just seems to stay half corrected, and thus driving me insane.

As you all know, I use WordPress for my blogging. I have never blogged before or had the desire to blog ever, but my online/distance class requires it for participation. Blogging sounds like a fine idea, but there is always an issue each and every time I have to blog. I don’t look forward to blogging, either. I try so hard to get online as much as I can, but my lack of transportation and online access (my own fault and problem I know) kind of throws a monkey wrench in my plans to be a good blogging student this semester. This is my second time taking Cyberporn and Society, since I just stopped going to school last spring semester and, thus, received a grade of an "F." So, my plan was to change the "F" to something else, obviously. Even though I don’t blog as much as the rest you (my classmates), I try to make each and every blog worthwhile and I spend a lot of time doing so. When I get something done, I like to do it right and not half-ass. And yes, I do procrastinate, as do most of us I’m sure (or maybe I’m alone here).

Ok, so the point of this blog is not to rant about an issue dealing with sex or pornography, but rather to convey my feelings on blogging, this class, and the day I am having (though I will probably rant a little bit). What’s wrong with that? Most blogs I have read this semester have just been people ranting and raving anyways, poorly, I might add (I am referring to blogs in general, not just in my class). But I guess that is what blogs are for. A lot of people don’t even really put effort into what they are writing either it seems,. And if I have offended anyone (classmates or Professor Halavais) just know that it is not my intention to do so.

I really do like the lectures, though, and I think that Professor Halavais is the most down to earth professor I have ever had. He even stuck up for me when a student in my class kept commenting on my blog and emailing me that I had a lot of nerve to say that it’s NOT ok for Big Brother (a.k.a. the Federal Government) to monitor ALL and any of our Google searches and online travels. I just let the comment go at first, but the student, and I won’t mention her blog name, wrote me a comment that basically said that she was willing to give up ANY and ALL freedoms (as stated in the Constitution that was written by the forefathers of this country) to make our country a safer place. She also told me that "I" was the fool and that the security of our homeland was of utmost importance (even more important than our personal freedom). I simply responded to her attacks with a quote from Benjamin Franklin (one of our founding forefathers): "Any person who is willing to give up freedom for security deserves neither". Her response: more attacks, via email this time. She told me that the world of today is nothing like the world Benjamin Franklin lived in, and that the world of today is much more dangerous than it ever has been. Then, she basically told me I was a liberal scumbag and that I should "open up my eyes." Sort of ironic, don’t you think, that she is the one telling me to open my eyes.

On a lighter note, the blogs I have written this semester have really made me think about the topics and controversies discussed in the lectures. Actually, I feel as though I have become a better writer lately, and I owe a lot of that to my blogging. Never before have I been able to properly express myself through writing. Something just kind of clicked this semester. Maybe some of it has to do with the fact that I am now 26 years old and that I have been an avid writer (song writer with lyrics and poetry) since highschool. Whatever it is, I think I owe some of my development (perhaps my turning point) to my Cyberporn and Society class. So, do I think I will get an "A" in this class? No, probably not, and that’s ok. Will I have learned something here to carry with me the rest of my life? Definitely. Nickpanic out.


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