Seeing is Believing

I read a few blogs that asked the question of whether or not porn, showing fake (edited afterwards) scenes of child pornography or snuff should be treated the same as actual films of this nature. I would have to say, yes, they should be treated the same. If it looks real then it may seems to many people to be real. This would be the same thing as making the real thing, except for the fact that a child or individual was not really used or harmed in the making. In these films, it may really be a young person with a body of a child added in post production via computer technology. And as for a snuff film, it is as easy to fake and act out a murder just like in any other movie.

I am sure there are laws against this "fake" illegal porn, but I am sure it still goes on. Maybe the creators of these movies are trying to appeal to the sick minds of the many people out there who are willing to pay money movies involving children. Maybe they are trying to make a joke. Either way, it is in poor taste and these violators should be punished to the full extent of the law.


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